Wide is best categorized as “hard to categorize.” Singer/guitarist/songwriter Heath “Motherfucker One” Cole was on the Lincoln punk scene way back in Cold War days as bassist for Mordam Records’ Mannequin Beach, and he’s rocking even harder today behind a Stratocaster in the 4th-or-some incarnation of Wide, with bassist Jimmy Webb and drummer Smokey Anderson. Wide hails from Eastridge, and they’re a little angrier than The Return about living ‘neath the trees. Their first CD is finally here, and Wide is proud to be America’s first band to achieve a 1:1 pound-to-rock unit ratio; this album comes with a guarantee of nearly one-half ton of ass-shaking rock power. You be the judge.

-ism CD 0043
Released Oct. 31, 1998
Format: CD


  1. Intro
  2. Plan B
  3. Self-medicate
  4. Thanks for Nothing
  5. Sexy Cola
  6. The New Church
  7. Mars Furnace
  8. Right Arm
  9. Food Chain
  10. Twice
  11. Prelude
  12. Techno-politics