If any band ever had a breakthrough, “Gay” fits the bill for Lincoln, Nebraska’s Wide. Running a gauntlet of genres that range from orchestral jazz to pure noise, this 20-track calamity will at the very least make you scratch your head. Buy it and listen in wonderment.

-ism CD 0072
Released Oct. 30, 2002
Format: CD


  1. The Void
  2. Masterpiece by the Fire
  3. The Trick
  4. Kuralture
  5. The Breakfast Song
  6. My Haunted House
  7. Lovers Digest Each Other
  8. Still Got Each Other
  9. Driftin’ Around
  10. Get it Started
  11. Recombinance
  12. Luster of Lacquer
  13. Integrated Circuit Blues
  14. Date
  15. Jar
  16. Theorem for Anger
  17. Love
  18. Climbing the Wallpaper
  19. Content
  20. Kuralture (Reprise)