What can we say? This is the granddaddy of the label. Such Sweet Thunder were one of the leading bands in the early 90’s Nebraska rock scene. This CD contained both the album “Redneck”, and their previous year’s release, “Burning Ditches.” Basically they were a “Hüsker Dü meets early REM” type of band, that developed into a basic hard rock outfit. Distinctly Great Plains in sound, this CD paved the way for many local bands to put out CDs of their own. All in all, a big victory.

-ism CD 0001
Released Nov. 6, 1992
Format: CD



  1. Laughing Stock
  2. Kim Gordon Blues
  3. Humble
  4. Reason to Try
  5. Cover Girl
  6. Wash My Hands
  7. Second Best
  8. Omaha
  9. The Legend of Bobby Hutton


Burning Ditches

  1. Bodybag
  2. Kick in the Eye
  3. Ballad of KH
  4. American Tragedy
  5. Bigger than Life
  6. Song for Spike Lee
  7. Daylight
  8. Black Sheep
  9. Whatever Happened to Frank Little
  10. Give and Take