From the lurching yet somehow delicate guitar riff that opens the record, to the vibraphone/distorted guitar interplay that closes it, “Heated Electronic Break-Up” is a carefully crafted listening experience, in 32 minutes and 23 seconds. The guitars rise and recede. The rhythm sections build slowly, becoming frantic, then drop away, or turn on a dime. The theremin jumps in and dies away in an echo. Effected keyboards drive some songs and vocal effects weave throughout. An unsung masterpiece.

-ism CD 0077
Released Mar. 15, 2003
Format: CD


  1. Hot Plate
  2. Good Night Sara Something
  3. Zoom
  4. The 405
  5. Pieces and Parts
  6. Skin Trade
  7. Simply Untitled
  8. F-200
  9. Farmers Almanac
  10. Shot Again