Plastik Trumpet formed in Germany in 1990. This is a twelve-song pop journey through territories that are simultaneously sentimental and cynical. Each song is distinctly instrumented from the Skynyrd-esque stomp of “Super Fire Hot” to the timpani and cello of “Shy” to the melancholy “Drown.” Lots of cool cello and Moog on here for those who follow that. This fine album is followed up by the “Are You P.T.? EP,” which is also worth checking into. These guys played the 1996 CMJ Music Marathon in New York, which means they are the next big thing, right?

-ism CD 0017
Released Oct. 24, 1995
Format: CD


  1. Pap Finn
  2. Twister
  3. Judy (is a Chimp)
  4. Drown
  5. BoyU8
  6. Shy
  7. The Loser
  8. Frown
  9. Super Fire Hot
  10. T.F.H.
  11. Taking Time
  12. Happy Mask