You all ought to know House by now. Crazy AC/DC tunes on prozac, groovy and happy, been around for years, seem ’em advertised on 90210 and the Drew Carey Show. Well, we’re proud to announce a very limited clear vinyl run of this CD (which was released last year on W.A.R.?). This is a collector’s wet dream.

-ism LP 0048
Released Sept. 24, 1998
Format: vinyl LP


  1. Cranko-American
  2. Carpool Lung
  3. Octopuses
  4. Two-Tone Moon
  5. Pincher (Pincher) Martin
  6. Lazy
  7. Ball Dropper
  8. Albion Cut-Off
  9. Pig No Swig
  10. They Made Me a Criminal
  11. Fingernail
  12. Green is the Ground (ETS)
  13. I’ll Find It
  14. Homemade Zodiac