This cassette had been out for about a year before -ismist came along and started distributing it. Basically, Fun Chicken had already broken up, and the Mogis brothers had moved on to We’d Rather Be Flying, prior to becoming indie-rock darlings Lullaby for the Working Class. This was just a deal to distribute a cassette that sorely lacked attention. The sound is comparative to Mr. Bungle or Roosevelt Franklin, great music that can jump from style to style, and lyrics that straddle the perverse.

-ism CS 0014
Released Mar. 25, 1994
Format: Cassette


  1. Bigboy
  2. Buttcake
  3. Milkbone
  4. Stinky
  5. Snails Don’t Do It
  6. Sax/Banjo
  7. Pelvic Thrust
  8. Fuzzy Buffalo
  9. Fatal Beach only faster
  10. When I Look into Your Eyes, I Vomit
  11. 26 Second Song
  12. Funky Pants
  13. 2 Mike(cubed)
  14. Midnight Snack