November 2009 - Working to get all the broken PHP working since the domain transfer of over a year ago.
  • June 2001 - Added a band page for Sofa Kit XL, finally. We have also reordered this page so that newest items are at the top. We are currently designing a merchandise page as well.
  • May 2001 - Got the preliminary history pages posted. We expect to have some revisions to do in here, but this is a great start.
  • April 2001 - Got a very cool wwwboard posted to the free area, so post away! Got the new cover to Doug Stanhope's second CD, "Something to Take the Edge Off," posted. Cleaned up this page. Added live video to the Such Sweet Thunder page from Nebraska Educational TV.
  • March 2001 - Started work on the free area of the site. So far, we have our Listbot email list back up. More cool stuff to follow, we hope. Also, added Jimmy Shubert to the artist pages.
  • February 2001 - Finished getting all album pages posted. Retooling is hard work.
  • January 2001 - Old site goes toward eternity. Got the layout issues for album pages (mostly) figured out. Started working on posting those.
  • December 2000 - Finished getting all artist pages posted. Started to lay out album pages.
  • November 2000 - Started implementing layout for artist pages.
  • October 2000 - Late in in the month, we started to retool the website, moving it to the current location, and starting to figure out what we wanted to do.




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