1999 seemed to be a mixed bag. We were supposed to pick up distribution for the Darktown House Band, but that fell through, and they subsequently, and most unfortunately, broke up. You should all go get something of theirs, if you can hunt it down. Big news for us was landing a "Tour Single" for a band very much loved in these halls, Season to Risk, who split it with Kansas City veteran rock act Molly McGuire. We also released:

• The Return - "the/return"
• Scrid / Sludgeplow - "Miss L / Passion Fruit"
• Compilation - "LINOMA II: Riot on the Plains"
• Floating Opera - "It's Not Easy Listening Anymore"
• Beyond - "Droppin' the Next Shit"
• Fullblown - "Agents of Entropy"

In 1999, this site saw increased traffic for the third year straight, 7295 hits for '99, 3732 the year before; a combined total of 13,987 hits, a 95.5 percent increase. We'd like to thank all of the folks who made that possible.

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