1998 shaped up to be a decent year. We picked up distribution of some of the finest records in the region, and hooked up with new bands all over the place. Wide and Scrid have both gone on moderately successful tours, and Fullblown were planning one. Kung Pao played at the Intelfest in New York.

Releases of 1998:

• Mimi Schneider - "Catasterpiece"
• Wide - "Hidden Agenda"
• Gladhands - "Do You Have a Reservation?"
• Fullblown - "Clowns in Action"
• House of Large Sizes - "Glass Cockpit"
• Kung Pao / Tucker - "Nakoma / Trailer Pumpkin Fuss"
• Sputnik - "Favorite Songs of the Soviet Cosmonauts"

1998 saw the old -ismist site increase its hits over the previous year by a wide margin: 3732 in 1998, 2960 in '97; combined total 6692, a 26.1 percent increase. Good job, surfers. We added an email list to the site that year, which can now be subscribed to in the Free section.

We also moved out of Nebraska, to Minneapolis. Our new address:

-ismist Recordings
P.O. Box 50263
Mpls, MN 55405-0263 USA

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