1997 saw a ridiculous amount of activity. This, of course, means that everything was also a mess. The web site was created (Posted January 1 of the year, we saw 2,960 visitors.), and is modified continually in a quest for something that will satisfy all. The quest for being able to take credit cards over the net is on, as well as putting on a jukebox with various artists' songs on it. We started distributing Speed Nebraska (and Corn Pie) Records, as well as Two Olive Martini Records, both from Omaha.

-ismfest was renamed to "Act of -ism 1997." The dates, and bands ran like this: Friday, October 17: Richard Schultz, The Return, Floating Opera. Saturday, October 18: Wide, Fullblown, Red Max. Friday, October 24: Scrid, Beyond, Slipknot. Saturday, October 25: Think, Ditch Witch, Ravine. It was fun, posters were again plentiful (6 were done, but Coop still hasn't delivered his), and there was enough merchandise there to make this site look pitiful. We had a horribly large snowstorm on the last day, so Ditch Witch bailed early. Don't blame 'em now, wish we could've, too, it was a nasty one.

Releases of 1997:

• The Lost Dogs - "The Lost Dogs"
• Richard Schultz - "Foreshadows"
• Ravine - "Ravine"
• Slipknot - "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat."
• Clayface - "Regular"
• D is for Dragster - "Chrysler Solid State"
• Wide / Stew - "The Perfect Gift / Karma Suture"
• Scrid - "The Island of Misfit Toys"
• Jimmy Skaffa - "Bitch on Sunday"
• The Return - "High Enough Yet?"
• Row 8 Plot 30 - "Dowsers"
• Fullblown - "Fullblown"

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