-ism became -ismist in '96, and got a new logo.

1996 saw the downfall of local sales, due to the fact that a local chain (which shall remain nameless) decided that they didn't like to pay for sales they had made. This eventually worked itself out, in part. -ism invested in Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and a shrink wrapper, and continued to press on, going after some national chains instead. In August of 1996, -ism had to change it's name to -ismist Recordings, which stands for, "In Spite of Myself, In Spite of Them." This embodied the change of emphasis from Schlissel being his own worst enemy, to having external forces be the enemy, while things at home shaped up. Someone had already trademarked -ism. Legal hassles over the Pop Sickle single arose when C/Z Records re-released a song that -ismist owned without obtaining prior approval.

"As the funeral bells...toll, the last "ism" goes to it's eternal rest, the last love and hope collapse, and I leave the house of dead truths." - Alexander Rodchenko

National distribution increased from one distributor to 7. Landmarks were also achieved. The first -ismfest was held in August, with a cool poster having been made for it by renowned artist Frank Kozik.

Also, the mighty Killdozer released a wonderful swan song single entitled "Go Big Red." Other releases were:

• Red Max - "Voodoo Liquor Hot Rod"
• Beyond - "Game of Death"
• Rascal Basket - "vs. the Hordes of Venus"
• Sawdust Devil - "Affirmative"
• The Return - "Greatest Demos vol. 1"
• Plastik Trumpet - "Are You P.T.? EP"
• Floating Opera - "Everybody's Somebody's Monster"

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