Honeyboy Turner and Cryin' Heart. They had been around Lincoln for a couple of years, and approached -ismist about doing a record in late 1994. They were a Chicago-style blues band that were a crowd favorite and strong seller for the label. In August of 1995, guitarist Harvey Brindell left the band. They shortened their name to the Honeyboy Turner Band, and continued to impress crowds at live shows. All throughout their history, the band went through rhythm sections like it was going out of style. In December of 1996 the band called it quits, and Honeyboy left the country with the Peace Corps. Mike Brindell went on with then current drummer Bo Rose to join Dave Steen (who produced Preachin' the Blues) and form The Lost Dogs.

preachin' the blues
live at the zoo
riot on the plains compilation

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