So, this band Kung Pao gets in touch with us here at -ismist, and sends us a copy of this 7″ record. Needless to say, we were duly blown away. Thus we picked up distribution of this single (originallyreleased on Minneapolis label, Maduro Records). Both bands hail from NYC, but neither sounds like the stereotypical snotty-punk we all love. Tucker seems to be a more rocking version of the best of Kansas City’s Emo rock, while Kung Pao are reminiscent of all the best of Seattle (circa 1988) mixed with post-Killdozer Madison. In short, a record everyone should have.

-ism SI 0050
Released July 1, 1998
Format: 7″ vinyl


  1. Tucker – Trailer Pumpkin Fuss
  2. Kung Pao – Nakoma