Stew was a rural band, this was their lo-fi rock masterpiece. This is to say that we are slightly biased. “Postsensitive-guy grudge rock” is the best term we can find to fit it. All in all, it is a good release, the recording was not as good as it could have been, but the songs outshined this drawback so much they still ring through.

-ism CS 0012
Released Feb. 25, 1995
Format: Cassette


  1. Get U Rite
  2. I’m Tellin’ You
  3. Over
  4. Nonplussed
  5. Drop the Hammer
  6. Tone Pome
  7. Tact
  8. Bastard
  9. The Ode
  10. Rub It In
  11. How to Live