Omaha hardcore, what more needs to be said? R8, P30 is led by frontman Ross Manhart, former leader of Clayface and Jimmy Skaffa. There is a distinct blend of the metal sound in this music, kind of like Sick of it All, but slightly more funky. Good hardcore for the soul, this CD will crush you.

-ism CD 0040
Released Dec. 7, 1997
Format: CD


  1. Mountain
  2. Level
  3. Tin Can Palace
  4. Lower Whacker Drive
  5. Cockroach
  6. Waste of Flesh
  7. 1:05
  8. Accidental Witness
  9. Sensory Overload
  10. Foot In Mouth
  11. Chiana
  12. Worthless Trial
  13. Carry Forward
  14. Salvation
  15. Johnny Boy