Featuring eleven new toe-tappers, the CD will have you shimmying along and wondering aloud if folks are ready for this “global superstorm.”From those with beef jerky to those with guns, no one escapes the swipes, jabs, and bewildering array of pummeling that surge through and animate the visions of the songs’ participants. From Memphis to outer space, the cosmos are queried, inveigled, and just downright assaulted by the relentless beats and melodies the/return produces. “People get ready, this is not a test.” Indeed!

-ism CD 0072
Released Sept. 18, 2002
Format: CD


  1. 14 Days
  2. Dream Parade
  3. She Washes Over
  4. Kids w/Guns
  5. Life is Strange
  6. Peter Pander
  7. She’s Got It Coming
  8. On Their Own
  9. Global Superstorm
  10. See You Tonight