LINOMA II: Riot on the Plains sprung up as a response to the success of the first LINOMA CD. We started work on it pretty much immediately after LINOMA was completed. We decided to narrow the focus of the first CD into a more punk record that featured artists from all over the Plains. We enlisted the help of 20 bands, some of which were repeats of the first LINOMA. We named the record after the Frontier Trust song that appears on here in order to coax them into recording the song (which they said they didn’t like). Paul Tisdale, drummer of Sideshow, contributed the twisted cover art. The record took a little over two years to record and master, being completed just before the end of 1997.

-ism CD 0058
Released Aug. 13, 1999
Format: CD


  1. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – Futurist Manifesto of Lust
  2. Ditch Witch – Redemption Song
  3. Polecat – We Are Women, Hear Us Roar
  4. Glass Pack Jack – Wide
  5. Puggy – Lolly
  6. Wide – Know Your Enemy
  7. Plastik Trumpet – I Love You So Much, I Could Vomit
  8. Sideshow – Soar
  9. Fischer – Dream Street
  10. Cursive – Pivotal (demo)
  11. Think – Yeah
  12. Frontier Trust – Riot on the Plains
  13. Honeyboy Turner Band – Come Back Baby
  14. Stew – Flower
  15. Mercy Rule – Should I?
  16. Opium Taylor – US Highway 50
  17. Coffin Cheaters – The Kids Are Gonna Fight
  18. Red Max – Rock House Riot
  19. We’d Rather Be Flying – That Song We Didn’t Want Dan to Use
  20. The Men of Porn – Bull Dyke